Hop On A Wee Scottish Adventure

We called ourselves Highland Outdoor Adventures quite simply because we are based in the Highlands, love everything to do with the outdoors and want to provide you with the best possible adventures we can!

We chose the domain name weehops.com because in the outdoors we always talk about hopping on a sup, hopping on a climb, or just generally having fun and the name is a bit of fun. The wee is to symbolise Scotland and the fact we consider Scotland to be the most stunning and amazing venue for outdoor activities anywhere in the world.

We hope to hop on an adventure with you!

We recommend everyone takes out travel insurance so you are covered for any unforeseen occurrences. 

We always try to deliver the best possible activity but sometimes the Scottish weather can play havoc. If the weather is deemed to not be safe by us then we may try and reschedule or possibly start later/earlier in the day to work around what we can do. We can also offer alternative activities on the day as we appreciate many people travel up on holiday and still want to have an awesome adventure regardless! If there is no way for us to reschedule that works for both parties or for the alternative activity then we will refund you.

All our instructors are not only certified in their disciplines but are some of the most experienced and best in the industry.

We are indeed. We are insured through the Scottish Canoe Association for our water sport activities and recommended AMI insurers for our rock, mountain and snow sport activities.

We break down the fitness requirements on each product that this might have relevance to. In short we can offer something for everyone.