The Best Canyoning in Scotland

The Best Canyoning In Scotland

Canyoning in Scotland is one of the most amazing adventures you can have. Scottish canyons have ben carved and eroded over millions of years and are stunning to behold. They consist of jumps, slides, flumes, abseils, via ferrata and more! It is suitable for beginners through to the most experienced canyoneers out there. It is also suited for families, kids, adults, groups, individuals… the list goes on – in short we believe everyone should experience canyoning at some point in their life. Full of adrenaline it is an activity that is sure to be remembered and here at Highland Outdoor Adventures we are truly passionate about providing first class experiences to all our clients so we only use the very best locations at the whole of Scotland.

The Best Venues for Canyoning in Scotland

When it comes to choosing a venue to go and canyon at there are two venues that spring to mind straight away – both are easily accessible for most people around Scotland. You can easily get to them from Inverness, Fort William, Fort Augustus, Aviemore or even the cities further south like Glasgow, Perth, Edinburgh. We will examine the best two locations in the whole of Scotland for you to go as below.

This is single handedly the best and most extreme commercially run canyon in Scotland. It consists of a 75 ft abseil (one company markets this as 120ft to try and sound more extreme at an outright lie), jumps up to and including 40ft (you don’t have to do them if you don’t want), smaller jumps as low as 6ft, rock slides, flumes and via ferrata. Our expert guides will be on hand and navigate their way along the canyon ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe experience. We are proud to have the only recognised canyoning technical expert in the whole of the UK through the association of mountaineering instructors as our company director. You could not be in more experienced hands! 

This venue is suitable for everyone over the age of 12 but we can make exceptions for younger individuals if they are hardy, daring and have previous experience. The waters are clear and stunning in their nature, the rocks clean and beautiful and you can’t help but feel fully immersed in Scotland’s beauty while here. We run this day combining the upper and lower Bruar in a single ultimate canyoning adventure experience. They can be run separately at much shorter days but we thing it is worth the experience of the full day out!

This is an easily accessible spot for people to Canyon at and is rightly popular amongst those who know it! It remains one of our most popular activities and has done almost indefinitely. It has incredibly long flumes and jumps up to 20 ft (again one company says 30 to make them sound better but we prefer to be honest…) There are rock slides that are 20ft long as well and an abseil through and behind a waterfall to jump through it finishing in the stunning pool below.

This experience is suitable for confident youths who are strong in the water and up for the adventure/challenge aged 10 and up but we guarantee adults will absolutely love this as well! We can make exceptions for younger individuals and the youngest person in here has been an experienced outdoor adventure lover his whole life at just 9 years old he conquered the canyon doing an amazing job!

What Equipment do we need?

In terms of what equipment you need to canyon it varies a little company to company but you can rest assured we supply everything you need to have an awesome day. The technical equipment like ropes, safety equipment, harnesses, helmets etc we supply!

What we supply:

  • Ropes & all technical equipment like carabiners, descenders etc.
  • Harnesses appropriate for canyoning and specific to it with protectors
  • Wetsuits
  • Wetsuit shoes – we are the only company to do this!
  • Helmets
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Professional photography
  • top quality changing Dry robes

What you need to bring:

  • Towel
  • Something for under your wetsuit – swimwear or spare underwear
  • Lunch & water
  • We supply more than everyone else so that you have the minimal hassle in top quality equipment for the best experience possible.

Take the Plunge

Canyoning with Highland Outdoor Adventures is an experience you will remember for your entire life! We only use the most experienced guides to provide our trips and host the only technical expert in the whole of the UK so you know your re in good hands. We guarantee you will love the experience and if you are up for the adventure you might even want to run it again!