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Here at Highland Outdoor Adventures we are proud to be able to support the next generation of British Caneoing instructors for different paddlesports with NGB awards in canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding and white water rafting. We can offer the NGB awards right across the country but predominantly use Aviemore & the Cairngorms – the very heart of Scotland. We offer coaching qualifications, leadership qualifications, and safety and rescue courses as outlined below. All of these are formal NGB British Canoeing/Scottish Canoe Association Courses and come with accreditation.

Assessment courses need booking preferably two weeks in advance to ensure that all the pre-requisite requirements are in place.  You will need to register for any leadership or coaching assessment awards in advance which is done through your own personal British Canoeing, Scottish Canoe Association NGB login … but if you are not sure how to do this, we are more than happy to help – as are the respective national governing bodies. 

All of our assessment award courses are run by recognised and certified providers for British Canoeing and the Scottish Canoe Association, and they are tailored to you (while still following a syllabus). We endeavour to create a positive and empowering experience for you, and we are more than happy to answer questions before, during and after the course regardless of outcome. The paddlesports community is very friendly and welcoming and we would love to enable you to become a fully qualified member of this wonderful group of people.

Select Your British Canoeing NGB Award Below

Paddlesports Safety And Rescue Course British canoeing ngb award

Paddlesports Safety & Rescue Course £100

The PSRC is the first step for safety and rescue courses and is recommended for all.

British Canoeing SUP Instructor Course

SUP Instructor Course £200

Looking at becoming a coach? The SUP instructor is the SUP-specific entry into the coaching pathway.

Raft Guide Grade 2 Assessment

Raft Guide Grade 2 Assessment £200

Become a raft guide! This is the first step into one of the most fun jobs anywhere in the world.

White Water SUP Award British Canoeing ngb award

White Water SUP Proficiency Award £200

This is the British Canoeing personal proficiency award - gain certification for your paddling ability on white-water.

Best British Canoeing raft Guide Training Course Scotland

Raft Guide Training Course £430

This 6 day training course is hosted by some of the best providers in the country and takes place on rivers of G2 - G4. Hopefully, by the end of it you will gain a Guide 2/3 depending on prior experience.

Paddlesports Touring Leader Assessment

Paddlesports Touring Leader Assessment £200

The paddlesports touring leader award is great for leading mixed craft in open water and rivers up to G2.

Paddlesports Instructor Award British canoeing ngb award

Paddlesports Instructor Award £200

Looking at becoming a coach? The PSI is the entry into the coaching pathway - learn and be assessed to teach others.

Raft Guide Grade 3 Assessment

Raft Guide Grade 3 Assessment £200

Be assessed to guide down grade 3 rivers in your raft - one of the most sought after awards anywhere.

Raft Guide Grade 3 trip leader Assessment

Raft Trip Leader Grade 3 Assessment £225

This award qualifies you to guide a flotilla of rafts down grade 3, managing all the boats and leading safely.

Spanish White Water Pallaressa SUP Course

Spanish White Water SUP Course £800

This course takes place on the world renowned Pallaressa River in Sort, Northern Spain. You will be coached for 6 days on rivers of G2 - G4+ and gain the White Water SUP proficiency award.

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